Timely G-20/Tariff Meeting Chart – World GDP

It appears the Tariff talks continue to go on…

We are personally surprised as we thought much of this was posturing and there would be an agreement sooner rather than later …

This weekend at the G-20 meeting (here is a cool live China site on the matter) there is hope to finally settle the Tariff concerns…

Will see – if they do, market participants may likely sound a sigh of relief… and visa versa …

Our Friends at Visual Capitalist/How Much.com are out with a neat chart to keep the matters in perspective..

World GDP at a Glance


Have a Great “World GDP Updated” Day!

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  1. Cliff- It’s basically a global picture of the World Economic GDP which I thought timely since Tariff talk and the G20 are coming up ! Thanks for the questions

  2. Cliff Brunette

    John, Having a Brain fart moment, What is the colorful Basketball tell me?? Cliff

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