A Break (Spring Break – next week) on the way to the Tax Finish Line – Travels

Next week we will all be headed different ways as Spring Break for all occurs. Richard will be in the office as his little ones are out of the house and with my little ones getting closer to driving (less dependence more independence coming) we cherish the last few “Family” spring breaks as they will certainly be different soon…

We will be lightly electronically tethered as a tennis tournament starts our break, followed by a true break to a warmer climate.springbreak

Tax Update – SALT withdrawals

As we get closer to the Tax finish line, we get more views on the tax situation. Generally it is good news, however the SALT or State and Local Tax deduction may cause grief for those in an income tax burdened state or those used to writing off heavy property taxes – be prepared if either or both of those are applicable.

Today is a Friday, heading into a Tennis Weekend, followed by a much desired family spring break ….. Talk to you week after next as we will TRY to stay off the airwaves for a family week – no promises!

Have a Great “FRIIIIDAAAAY” !

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