Part 2 : Tom Clark Social Security Expert with Audio on frequently forgotten benefit – The Social Security Disability Benefit

Part 2 from the very beginning of our  Social Security Event earlier this year, Expert, Mr. Tom Clark, led off the fun casual discussion with the much important and frequently forgotten secondary benefits that Social Security Provides. Part 1 Here and Direct Audio Here on our site,  Discussed Social Security Death Benefits – but now the secondary forgotten portion of Social Security Benefits:

Social Security Disability Benefit

  • Social Security Disability benefits are VERY important, due to the fact that 1 of 3 workers die or become disabled, with the great majority being Disabled
  • Disability benefits are for very disabled, and pay to those that cannot due any work anywhere in the US
  • One in four workers being disabled now versus one in three in recent years is a great improvement
  • Majority of workers become disabled in mid to late 50’s
  • Disability benefits are paid as if you are retired at Full retirement age I.e. Your maximum full retirement age benefit will be paid to you if you become disabled no matter your age


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Have a Great “Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits” Day!

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