Part 7 : Tom Clark, Social Security Expert, with Audio – Clarity on Final Years Earnings and any Effects on Retirement Benefits

In Part 7, from our  Social Security Event earlier this year, Expert, Mr. Tom Clark, continued with the meat of Social Security, Retirement Benefits …. that Social Security Provides. Part 1 Here , Part 2 Here , Part 3 Here, Part 4 HerePart 5 Here, Part 6 here, and Direct Audio Here on our site for your viewing/listening pleasures:

Effects of Lower Social Security Earnings Near Full Retirement Age

Very frequently our Financial Planning discussions include early retirement or halting of the big weekly grind/travels to do something always desired but may result in a reduction in income… all very near Full Retirement Age/Last Years of Social Security Credits.

Will a few missed or greatly lowered earnings years near Social Security Full Retirement Age knock your benefit down? Likely Not

  • Since Social Benefit first part of earnings may count more than last
  • A few missed years likely will not hurt your retirement benefit
  • Recall from earlier discussion that Retirement Benefits are based on your highest Wage (not Inflation) adjusted 35 years
  • Per question/statement from audience in audio – very possible first 10 years count much more than final 3- 5 years
  • Likely not working last few years or taking a greatly reduced but desired occupation could result in NO DIFFERENCE in Social Security Retirement Benefit

There are always exceptions to the norm, but with repeat occurrences of desired life style change near Full Retirement Age, we feel more comfortable knowing it just likely will not make a big difference… one can infer this will hold true for early retirement as well…. Thanks Tom!

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Have a Great “Late Career Dream Job or Early Retirement No Benefit Change” Day!

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