Part 12 : Tom Clark, Medicare Expert, with Audio – An introduction to Medicare, Background, Stats, Part A and B Explained

What follows will be a multiple part series as we will attempt to explain the various parts of Medicare. In this first post, a high-level explanation of just Part A and B.

The most complex part of Medicare decisions comes from folks that work past age 65. The most important point of this entire second half of Mr. Clark’s presentation is that to get the most exact details for your situation you should check with your health insurance carrier. Frequently employers’ HR departments are outsourced and a recurring theme is the HR department is not in sync with the health insurance carrier.

Bottom line your health insurance carrier is your go to point of contact if you continue to work past age 65 as you will most certainly need to find out how they want you to handle your Medicare decisions.

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Medicare Statistics, Background and Part A and B Explained

OK here we go an introduction to stats and statistics and a high-level view of Medicare Part A and B:

  • Medicare is far more important than Social Security benefits as the government offset of Medical Costs are likely much greater than Social Security Benefits
  • Bet you didn’t know Medicare was started in 1965!
  • Medicare’s purpose is to provide substantial benefits at very reasonable costs for retired folks at age 65
  • Unlike Social Security Age 65 remains the age Medicare Benefits begin for retired people
  • Social Security Disability receivers are automatically enrolled into Medicare after two years of disability benefits
  • Part A is Hospital Insurance Benefits – Prepaid
  • 1.45% of FICA taxes used during work to prepay Part A
  • Part B Covers Doctor bills and out patient treatment
  • Part B has a cost- monthly starting premium of $135 month – there are means test that increase this cost
  • This cost is usually withheld from Social Security Benefit
  • If not taking Social Security, you will be billed directly

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Have a Great “Intro to Medicare” Day!

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