Robots of Old Versus New Atlas Robot, 3D Printed House for Homeless in Austin … More from Peter Diamantis

Was going to try and stay more with the Medical Advancements … but this is just too neat to pass up AND you will get a full Video coming soon with the Newsletter of the Medical Advances…. some of this has Medical implications/conversation….

Again from Peter Diamantis recent investor Virtual Summit

So let’s go!

Robots of Old

Looks like something out of a cartoon or movie

Robot Old

Modern Day Robot

Several years ago, asked an elder family member if they would be up for having a robot in their home?

“Absolutely not! No Way!”

With a little framing, a different answer …

What if you either had to move to an assisted living facility or the like OR had a friendly robot caretaker?


With a nights sleep and more inquiries…

“Yea, I would do that if it was safe and reasonably priced!”

3 D Built Home is Austin Texas for the Homeless

Actual home being built completely by 3 D Printer!

Think of the possibilities.



Thanks Peter… good stuff…just too good!

As professional investors…. watching with great interest!

Have a Great “Robot Caretaker and 3D Printed Home” Day!

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