Environmentally Sustainable ? Net Carbon Zero or Negative …What is it and what are Companies doing about it?

According to the United Nations (UN) World Commission on Environment and Development, environmental sustainability is about acting in a way that ensures future generations have the natural resources available to live an equal, if not better, way of life as current generations.

Here is a chart explaining, again from the UN …

Un Sustainable Chart


What Companies Are Embracing?

In the United States and abroad, many companies are not only embracing Environmental Sustainability but some are even vowing to reverse possible damages they may have done in the past making them Environmentally positive…

Tech Companies lead the way…but others are also following…

Microsoft committing to being carbon negative by 2030

Amazon committing to being carbon net zero by 2040

Ikea committing to being carbon negative by 2030

Apple committing to being net carbon zero by 2030

BP – yep British Pretroleum goal of carbon zero by 2050 !! Wow

Hey… will they all get there, maybe or maybe not…but what a great, good feeling, better future goal!

Have a Great “The Future is Bright and Environment is Better” Day!

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