Kastle Office Work Index Shows New Normal … Pivot Without the Blink of an Eye …

Had a much heavier post for today, but this hit the inbox early on in the week and my jaw dropped, so thought it worth sharing…

Kastle Back To Work Index – Fast Pivot

The Kastle Back To Work Index has been one of our favorite early finds, and is a fantastic idea of a mostly Security Monitoring service company using their resources for fantastic reporting…

So, looking back at last December (2020) there was a natural Holiday gravitation away from the office (Hat tip JH) …. but nothing like the fast pivot occurring most recently….

A smooth pivot to work from home and a slice down to half in two weeks…. amazing….

Kastle Barometer

Likely the world we live in from now on…. more of a mandatory progress…. but very interesting how fast society adapts….

Have a Great “Easy Pivoting” Day!

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