Slow to Arrive Tax Forms, Little to No Corrected … Snap Back Reminder … Spring Break Next Week, Early Start … Friday

Tax forms Update!

Not sure if it is the mail or the processing but for some reason our tax forms have been very spotty in receiving. Using myself as an example yesterday I received another one and several of the forms have been received multiple weeks ago.

If you are missing a form please let us know as we have immediate access electronically and will be glad to email you a form as we don’t want to let the mail stop your tax processing.

On another note … so far we’ve only had one corrected 1099 and that lucky person knows who she is so we are likely good to go and begin processing your taxes!

Snapback Reminder

Not trying to beat us down on this, but once again we had a vicious Snapback mid-week for no apparent reason. While no one is exactly sure why these occur when we’re in a slow down., They do occur, and continue to occur. Just putting a bug in our collective ears to remind all as we go through this slow down Snapbacks are likely to continue to occur. Here is the recent post about the subject matter … below is the chart

Spring Break on the Horizon

With three official school ice closings so far this year, it’s puzzling that today an official ice make up day was not utilized. Seems like when yours truly was in the same situation we ALWAYS made them up. Oh well, for the safety of all those on the streets we will be loosely tethered and out of the office with next week being our collective spring breaks. Tethered with electronics of course as we get ready for the homestretch of tax season

Ahhhhh . but today is a Friday with the office electronically being monitored for the safety of all. Hope you have a great Friday and a super weekend and for the record spring break doesn’t feel too spring Breaky with it being expected to get down to 25° here in the south tonight!

Talk next week from afar thanks for your time!

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