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Not to worry it’s not Friday already … with tomorrow being a holiday, Easter, Good Friday, we wanted to remind and share some important ideas today, Thursday rather than our usual Friday Morning chat!

Final Days of Taxes

As mentioned here, in our earlier post “Be Careful What You Ask For” tax season came upon everyone I know in the industry much harder this year than in the prior two due to the delays, but happily we’re just about on the other side of the mountain! Yay

Extension Option

On a related tax filing note, if you have not completed your taxes or do not intend to do so on time, be sure to file an extension. Extensions are easy and give you ample time to complete your returns, but require you to estimate if you owe taxes and you’ll need to pay in that amount or you may face penalties.

Here is a link to the IRS website and how to apply for the automatic extension!

Electronic Payment of ES Taxes

Here is the IRS tax website link, which is very easy to make electronic estimated taxes. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully as there are a lot of different options for making payments to taxes, and be sure to carefully enter your personal information so the IRS knows it’s you.

Friday Office Closed, Early Exits Today, Tethered for Tax Questions

Tomorrow as mentioned earlier is a national holiday, as such banks, stock exchanges, government offices, and our office will be closed. On that note with some of the family members getting out early we will be out of the office early today as well.

In closing, while we will be out of the office I will personally watch my electronics tomorrow and the weekend for anyone who has last minute forms or tax questions that they may need help!

Monday April 18th is the official last day to file our personal tax returns, notably Form 1040. If at all possible we hope you’ve completed all of your tax information prior to Monday April 18th if at all possible!

Have a Great Day and Easter Weekend, talk next week!

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