Newsletter Up to Six Positives… Can We Get to Ten? Thanks for the Tons of Compliments on Wednesday Used Auto Post … Summer Friday yay… Stay Hydrated!

As mentioned last week, the Newsletter is in creation form. With our new format of shorter pieces and more of them … we hit the road in this Newsletter to point out some positives.

It’s easy to find negatives, if you’re like me those hit you in the face almost daily … and are very hard to avoid, but positives on the other hand, can be a bit harder to find.

Not to worry we’re good hunters.

We Understand Why Musicians May Never Know What’s Going to be a HIT!

Wednesdays post, or small story of an actual event about possible crooked used auto offers … hit a chord like we’ve not seen in quite some time. We were contacted from all across the United States and even from some on foreign soil. The funny thing is is we never know what’s going to be a hit … but we really appreciate it when we do, and we thank everyone for taking a moment to read our posts as we know time can be ones most precious commodity.

If you missed it here is a link to one of our more popular posts of recent time. We’re not going to publicly say what dealership it was, we will privately if you want to know, but again thanks for taking time to read our posts and even greater thanks for reaching out to us about it!

Ahhhhhh … but today is a Friday, heading into a 100+ heat index Weekend, stay hydrated, be safe, enjoy, and spend time with those special in your life.

Talk next week!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

Financial Planning Total Wealth

Management firm.



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