Summer Friday … On the Way Back Home … Jen’s Turn Next Week …

Today is an early Summer Friday and our post Memorial Day family trip is wrapping up, bringing us back to the familiarity of our home, office and pets….

It was a super fun trip, with a slightly lighter work load, no TV – yep not a one, weak WiFi (still able to do the month end video post), Q3 Newsletter commencement (a positive look on things), sunshine, ET/east time (a favorite due to the early sunrise), fishing, and great family discussion time… oh and some terrific coffee too!

Next week we are back in the saddle… and with an eye on staggered off time, Jen get’s her shot… not to worry, being Financial Planners, we plan in advance… Donald “The Brain” gets his time in as well, later in the Summer…. we all sharpen the knife with some time away!

Ahhhh… but as mentioned earlier, today is a Friday… enjoy your day, the weekend … and talk next week!

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Summer Friday

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