Interesting chart … One we frequently wonder about on what drives Gas Prices at the Pump … from our friends at Visual Capitalist …

Not sure if you are like us, but we’ve long wondered what makes the price of gasoline at the pump change and sometimes so dramatically.

Maybe this topic is more top of mind as with a larger vehicle it’s easy to get to the credit card max for the pump max of $100 this day and age!

Of course spot gas prices are a contributing factor (just over half), but as our friends here at Visual Capitalist point out along with the EIA, there are more factors than just the spot price of gasoline for what we pay at the pump.

Interesting but not surprising location of the Top 10 Largest Refineries… bottom right of chart!

The following from the actual article:

The Four Main Factors

According to the EIA, there are four main factors that influence the price of gas:

  • Crude oil prices (54%)
  • Refining costs (14%)
  • Taxes (16%) 
  • Distribution, and marketing costs (16%)

More than half the cost of filling your tank is influenced by the price of crude oil. Meanwhile, the rest of the price at the pump is split fairly equally between refining costs, marketing and distribution, and taxes.

Have a Great “Now you know how the pumps price of Gasoline occurs“ day!

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