Ben Hunt and Narratives … Shortened Article from just completed Newsletter

This is the time of the calendar that makes for A LOT of content in writing form…. thank goodness no writers block (For the record it has occurred)

The complete article is on the way to the printer, but came out so good … thought we would preview it here in shortened form!

Ben Hunt on Narratives

Ben theorizes that words are used to shape our behavior and as such he and Rusty, his business partner have a goal to identify when such events are occurring.

This is NOT a Fact Check, and not meaning that you as the reader will disagree or agree with them, only alerting to the fact that there may be some persuasion occurring in the narrative

The Missionary Statement or Strong Direct Narrative

Ben and his partner theorized that Missionary statements once saved for Oval Office wartime speeches or the like are now used in part due to the way we consume our information by almost everyone, leading to an overload possibly of missionary or breaking news like headlines and narratives.

The possible effect of strong missionary statements or narratives, again Ben theorizes is that when there is the need for a very strong subject matter or narrative, if we are not careful we have become desensitized to things because of the possible dramatization of other headlines and narratives that it’s not taken serious.

Comments from the Grant Williams Podcast

In the Podcast Grant mentions something Ben brought to his attention that he uses to decipher his in take of information. 

“Why am I reading this, and why am I reading it now?”

The gist of this is to be curious, or maybe slightly skeptical, but not pessimistic or negative, just having front of consciousness thought that maybe there is a slant or a narrative here that’s trying to persuade.

With Headlines being dramatic and very Negative during slowdowns, most notably very near the end of the slowdown…. a timely review!

Have a Great “Watch the Narrative Headlines” Day! Watch for the Newsletter Video for an Audio/Video/Podcast review of the article if you find it interesting!

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