529 to Roth Possible New Rule from Secure Act 2.0 … Long weekend … Friday the 13th!

While researching the afore mentioned Secure Act 2.0 about a week ago… recall this 4200 page monster was released on December 27th, 2022 …

Some talk in the beast is about unused 529’s being able to roll over into a Roth….

This caught the eye/ear and a note was made. A possible use of this came up this week, so further research is needed as there were a ton of hurdles (like a 15 year waiting period, just to name one) to allow this transaction AND we will likely have updates during the year to clarify this possibility.

With a use already a possibility, we wanted to bring this to your attention and let you know we will be doing further research for clarity! yay

Long Weekend

Monday is a Holiday in honor of Martin Luther King day, as such banks, government offices and our office will be closed as well.

Today is a Friday the 13th spooky … enjoy your day and the weekend…talk next week!

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