Contra Rally Reminder … New Laptop … Cold Friday

In slow downs, things called Contra Rallies occur … we have mentioned this before, here, here and here and as the reminder chart below shows, they can be very large …

We are optimistic at heart but also realists when it comes to economic data and the effects of higher interest rates on the economy. And OH… the rallies can be big as the chart above, again from prior post exhibits.

We will call your attention to Contra Rallies relative the “sharp pullback” during growth times when that chapter finally arrives…not to worry it will…

Technology Dog Years

With a call to our IT folks due to a humming fan in the favorite dear laptop…. an assessment was made that the “Dear Laptop” was nearing the Century mark in computer terms…. With a new one in hand, almost identical to the old but with all the latest platform and security, let the downloading of programs and setting of shortcuts begin….already liking the faster hardware speed, clearer screen and speaker quality – yay

Cold Friday and Weekend

Traveling back over 1200 miles south to a Colder Climate was a bit surprising….But, hey it is a Friday and it is Texas… “If you do not like the weather, just wait a bit, it will change!”

Enjoy your Friday and maybe a Fire if you are near in proximity, and your weekend!

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