Bear/Slowing Market Bounces Reminder – A Historical Perspective

We have spoken before on the uniqueness of slowdown or bear markets ability to have ripping increases that soon fizzle…

While we do not now why they occur for sure, a historical perspective is they DO occur!

20 Largest One Day Gains in the NASDAQ Since 1971

We know that NASDAQ is filled with volatile companies…. but this chart making the rounds is very interesting….

The 7.4% move that many were calling the start of a new Bull Market sneaks in at 14th place of this one day moves going back to 1971- Yes, 1971!

We might even take issue to the 4 rallies not in “Bear/Slow Markets” according to this chart…. but if we do not, it is still 16 out of 20 in Bear/Slow Markets!

Have a Great “Watch the Slow/Bear Market” contra rallies!

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