Sports weekend …. No Axe … Tax Preview … More AI … Friday

This weekend marks the final NFL Football game of the season aka the Super Bowl…..

With no Axe to grind, the commercials will be of interest… likely no Crypto domination like last year… wonder who will take the reins?


The IRS sent an interesting note out in the last week… “Key Points to keep in mind when filing your 2022 return!” Not kidding, can’t make this up…. will review and let you know the high points… just to be safe!

AI – Artificial Intelligence

Post Microsoft interest, suddenly the air waves are full of AI talk … we will have more on this shortly, but are surprised at mainstream interest… our fear was for the educators…but looks like everyone is interested!

Have a Great Friday and weekend, next week leads into a Monday Holiday, which always makes the prior week fly… enjoy – Talk next week!

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