Tax Forms Update – They are all Completed – Yay – Let the Corrected Clock Tick … Personal Fun Longevity Experience while Walking into the Building … Friday … Back Yard Punxsutawney Phil Tree Update …

Tax Forms Update

Ya ya… lot’s about Tax “Stuff” this time of the year year, but tis the season…. So some good news here!

This week all forms dropped for everyone… a lot had already been completed, but there were still a fair amount that had not been completed…..

If you have not received your form and need it, let us know as we have quick electronic access and can email it to you…. Most importantly, now the Corrected clock starts ticking… We will be in touch!

Personal Longevity Experience

Early this week while entering my building a nice elderly couple, led by the husband with a stroller mentioned they were moving slowly …. as I held the door with absolute pleasure to do so, I said not to worry, my father is happily 95 years old …. and we all move a bit slower as we luckily make those notches in our belts…

Surprisingly, the nice lady just behind the couple bellows… “My mom just turned 100 ..So I am in no hurry, just take your time!”

Still holding the door … the gentleman behind her yells “My dad is 87, you take your time sir … and enjoy the day and no problem!”

Couple of things to take from this experience….

  • What a great way to start the day …
  • Many are living longer …
  • Break the silence when you can … I think all parties involved also had a super start to their day!

Punxsutawney Phil Backyard Tree Update

Can you tell we are ready for spring to arrive? HA

Break In: Wow did we have a bad storm come through last night… 90 mph winds in some places … hope all close are ok!

By the way, Spring Break is two weeks out AND the time changes next week… a favorite day!

So how is our Punxsutawney Phil Tree doing? This picture is literally hours hold from the time you received the update…..

Notice the change? Here we go… with two weeks away, the next update should be interesting!

Have a Great Friday and a super weekend, next week is a one day early shortened “Work” week due to kids free day due to weather day make up Friday and the following is a tethered technology Spring Break week…but that is two weeks away.. enjoy your weekend and talk next week!

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