SLOA mailed in May – What’s a SLOA? Standard Letter of Authorization (Clients) … Friday

As a regular practice for almost every client we have instructions on file to move money back and forth between other linked accounts a.k.a. SLOA – Standard Letter of Authorization –

Side note: We can remember when every request needed a signature and then was faxed AND THEN a day or two later is was processed… Eeeekkkk – ok, digressing!

From our back office:

“Dear Valued Advisor, 

In May 2023 we will mail the annual Standing Letter of Authorization (SLOA) confirmation notices to your clients, if applicable, listing all active SLOAs that we have on record for their accounts as of December 31, 2022. …


…Your clients will receive a confirmation notice for each account that maintains an active SLOA with TD Ameritrade Institutional. As required, we will continue to notify your clients whenever new SLOA instructions are established for an account. “

Here is what one looks like from prior years:

Take a peek and let us know if something is incorrect… we actually do not get a copy!

Happy Friday, and Happy May aka Schools out month, Weekend – Talk Next week!

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