Why you should Check that Social Security Statement – No Matter your age! Confirm you received credit for your payments/Earnings History!

Every year we post a reminder here to double check your Social Security Statement… Our reminder is triggered by the annual email from the SSA (Social Security Administration) reminding US to review our statement…. Well this year our email has come really late, as in years past it was in February…. Hey Better late than never!

Break In – We will let those currently receiving SS know the COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) when it occurs in about two months – after the CPI W for the quarter is calculated – Likely low single digits this year – Ok back to our regularly programming!

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Why You Should Check your Social Statement? Confirm your Credits!

Unless you are already drawing Social Security, or unless you have no earnings, you should have a Social Security Account and should check it annually…

Here is the log in – Actual link (not hot linked) for security purposes – https://www.ssa.gov/myaccount/ Only takes a few minutes to get your account set up!

Confirm your credits via your Earning History

Confirm you received credits for your hard earned money is very important, and easy…. here is what the screen shot look like – Below- oh, there are new drop downs for excellent help if your credits are not showing

In the event you have missing reporting, here is a screenshot of the contact information for the SSA – again once in side your SSA portal, it is fairly intuitive!

Have a Great “Social Security Earnings/Credit Reminder” Day!

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