As expected (but were starting to worry) IRS FINALLY Punts on a hurried rule (Part of Secure Act 2.0) by pushing it out to 2026… Whew – Income Related Roth Mandate for Retirement Catchup is Pushed out…. Too Sketchy to Implement …

The Secure Act 2.0 signed into law at dark 30 in December 2022 included a very confusing, ambiguous, and unimplementable as written rule, that mandated incomes over certain levels would not be allowed to make tax deductible catch up contributions to pre-tax plans… i.e. 401ks…and if desired would need to contribute catch up contributions to Roth – After tax contributions…

Last Friday, August 25, 2034 at 2:41 PM the following email hit the cell inbox-

Sketchy Roth Mandate Pushed to 2026

As mentioned above the Secure 2.0 included a poorly written rule mandating an income thresh hold for pre-tax catch up contributions…..

Without getting into the weeds, the law was written so hurridly and sketchy, it was literally impossible to implement as signed.

The general consensus was either clarity or a punt… Thank goodness we received the latter Friday afternoon….

Not to worry, we have a good memory and will be on it in 2026, but for now the heat as expected, but starting to worry, if off! Yay

Have a Good “IRS Clarified” Day!

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