MGM Resorts Hit by Cyber – Timely Newsletter Reference….

With the final editing of the Q 4 2023 Newsletter in process… an article included in is Cyber Security from a half day seminar late spring….

From the Newsletter Article..

If there’s one thing, for those of us with little time or patients for a long read that we would like you to take from this article it is that most cyber intrusions come from an e-mail that has a bad actor with a hot link click, do not click on that bad hot link!

The second thing and more encouraging, most cyber security situations are not extremely complicated and are allowed by a simple letting of our guards down- see above point!

It Happens to the Best of them – MGM Resorts

Monday morning, during a regular research call, it was noted MGM had been taken down via a hacker… maybe a bad loser… but who knows…

This from the site early am Monday… for all of MGM at the time…

Oh my…just checked it again… YIKES!

Snapshot taken 9-12-23 at 8:44 PM

Cannot imagine the lost revenue from this hack… WOW!

Quick Google for more information — From – This Las Vegas Journal

On Tuesday, some point-of-sale locations couldn’t process credit card transactions at MGM’s retail outlets, and in-resort ATMs were offline. Some guests complained that they couldn’t get into their hotel rooms because the MGM app was off. The company has since remedied that problem by issuing key cards. MGM’s websites and mobile app remained down on Tuesday.

Have a Great “Cyber Security Aware” Day!

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