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Anniversary Payback Travels – Jen’s Baptism By Fire – Writers block confession, Lot’s of Neat Posts Coming

Long timer followers know we had a crazy Summer with the 13 year old’s tennis schedule…

As such, the Mrs. totally missed any real vacation over the summer together — Even the anniversary came and went without even a dinner or card — yikes – (18th!)tennis-2042723__340

Pay Back Anniversary Travels

Today and the next two days I will be out of the office/state and attempting to be loosely tethered via technology for Anniversary payback time!

Yes it is Jen’s second day as official pilot – but she has piloted much bigger planes before (more on this soon) – you are in good hands as Donald the Brain is still far from “Table for Five too!

Writers Block Confession

In full fess up mode, there are times when it is hard to write (not usually, but it happens) with nearing 2000 posts and counting, we are happy to give you a heads up — No writers block now!

WE HAVE TONS to talk about soon!

The PLUP article spurned two more articles that we think you will really like-

PLUP graphPlus we have had great ideas coming from you guys in the field– keep them coming, we love discussing hot repeating topics!

Ok … so an Anniversary Travel announcement turned into an exciting preview of coming great topics — We really like what we do – All good, all fun!

Have a Great Day and talk to you next week !

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Traveling Friday … BDay Girls … Annual Extended Remote Trip … Audio Link From Social Security …

As this post goes live, I am finishing a due diligence meeting in the land of the Longhorn. Near noon, a fellow professional (E) whom car pooled together, jump into my car and roll back north to good ole Dallas.

Party OnBirthday Girls (The Twins)

Tonight marks the all important B Day celebration for the Mrs. who also shares the day, of course, with her identical twin. (Party on girls.)

Off to the Mountains – Extended Remote Work

Tomorrow morning, most likely still dark … two kids, two bicycles, the afore mentioned B Day girl (still VERY sleepy) Chacca the dog, supplies,  clothes, and a full car of tethering technology, head to the mountains for our annual extended working remote time to conclude the summer. The road trip is usually half over before anyone is really stirring … Great think time … look out for longer posts next week.. haha

My dad and his wife, a few friends, and a local fellow professional/friend and his family (kids of similar age) join us at our destination city for the entire trip. Lot’s of work talk, hours of daily tennis for Sophia, a few rounds of golf, and tons of family time are certain to make their way into our two households … and one way or another, mentions here too.

Social Security Posts

Social SecurityThis week’s Wednesday Social Security post was the first of it’s kind for us and we are very proud to bring you many more. While some challenges occurred with increasing the volume, cutting the 90 minutes down to just a short clip, and getting the correct format to load here, on our site, we think the hard technology work is behind us.

Break In: The Audio did not come through on all email notifications, but has been posted to the New Social Security Page  here on this site. It is almost a necessity to listen to the audio as Mr. Clark covers so much material so quickly.

Hump days are our targeted weekday for the next several of Social Security and Medicare strategies. 

Have a Great Day and a Super Weekend … Talk to you next week from a higher altitude.

John A. Kvale, CFA, CFP

P.S. Not all Economic Reports (click for sneak peak) are created equal as complacent market participants found out recently … we will detail soon.

P.S.S. Great stuff from the due diligence conference, but I am exhausted by the super long days !!

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FOMC Echo’s Our Complacency Concerns … Traveling Today and Next Week … PS Cathy Broke Her Hand

Today is another wonderful summer Friday heading into a middle of the summer weekend. Don’t forget to spend time with those special in your life, we are now more than half way through 2014 !

FOMC Minutes Show Complacency Concerns

This from the latest Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes released July 9, 2014 … they sure concur with concerns from our Q 2 2014 Cover letter released July 8, 2014 … just one day prior:


…..The VIX, an index of option-implied volatility for one-month returns on the S&P 500 index, continued to decline and ended the period near its historical lows. Measures of uncertainty in other financial markets also declined; results from the Desk’s primary dealer survey suggested this development might have reflected low realized volatilities,  generally favorable economic news, less uncertainty for the path of monetary policy, and complacency on the part of market participants about potential risks. …..

J.K. Financial, Inc. Second Quarter 2014 Cover Letter

……Calm v Complacent

Starting in the middle of May, trading volumes and professional investors appeared to take to the hills or Hamptons. While not unique to this time of the year, the magnitude has been greater this summer than in past. Our concern is complacency, not by us but by others. When the tide goes out we see who has been swimming without clothes.  …..

We are in good company and cannot make this up. Coincident or not … This REALLY has our attention now !!

Traveling Out of State Today and Next Week

I am out of the state today and next week, headed south-east with a large group for a bit of business, lots of fun, sun (hopefully) and of course tennis for Sophia. I will be tethered lightly but always available.  Traveling

Creative Juices Inspired

Traveling usually spurs the creative juices as the pressure of the seven computer screens subsides and macro thoughts come into focus. I will TRY  to keep posts short as the family comment “You need a vacation from your vacation”  begin to ring …. But hey I love what I do…. So it’s never work!

Happy Friday !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS Cathy has broken her left hand in a fall … we have increased the rings to give her more time to answer calls before it goes to our auto attendant, but if we miss your call it might be due to a one-handed phone cradle grab … She is recovering fine!

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On the Road … Newsletter in the Works

Today I am on the road as well as all next week; out-of-state for business and a little family time.  As always, electronic tethering will be a welcomed part of the trip.


For some reason when traveling my creative juices start flowing which may work out terrific as the Newsletter is beginning to take form. With the end of June marking the half way point we will be very interested in how capital markets finish this quarter.On the Road Again

Here are a few nuggets from the Newsletter:


The Fed has a Problem (Got you curious don’t I)

Early Findings from the Client Roundtable

International Investing (Follow Up from Interview)

What we are doing this summer

After falling behind last quarter due to a crushing tax season, new family member, and regular end of the quarter stuff, this newsletter will be ready for print much sooner !

Have a Great Friday!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225