Black Friday, Cyber Monday Update– The Winner “Suzie the Saver”!

As a quick update from last weeks humorous duo of fabricated personalities, we wanted to give you a quick status report.

It appears as if “Sammy the Spender” did make a few runs to the store, but was trumped by “Suzie the Saver” as we firmly established a new holiday lingo “Cyber Monday“. 

As a side note, I found myself on a few cell phone text updates for holiday specials, as an interesting way to monitor company sales, the technology they were using, and this rather new form of marketing.

Overall we estimate retail and related sales were not as robust as expected, as the consumer, rightly so, remains frugal in spending. This situation will form an interesting end of the year struggle as public companies via for a smaller sales pool, at reduced rates. We will keep you updated!

Have a Good Day!


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