Financial Stars Align–Earnings Season, Newsletter, Quarterly Reports and Tax Deadline

Next week is one of the more interesting weeks of the year as many financial items align, not only for US tax filer’s, but for our firm as well. 

Earnings Season  (90 day treadmill) un-officially kicks off Monday with Alcoa “AA”, somehow the cornerstone for the start of earning’s season, reporting.  Thursday is April 15th, which marks the deadline for personal, LLC among others, IRA deposits under non extension filing requirements. 

Keep A Watchful Eye


Internally at our firm, we are completing the Q 2 2010 Newsletter. Regular “Street-Cents” followers know you will get advanced notice of the digital posting to our website, keep your eyes peeled. 

Clients, we will post our Q1 2010 Quarterly Cover letter, which precedes our performance report you will be receiving shortly.   

Busy, yes a bit, but more exciting than busy, as we get the opportunity to check in with public companies and finish tax filing requirements.  

Have a Good Day and A Super Weekend, 


Look forward to More Market Related Posts beginning next week.

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