Q1 2012 Newsletter is Posted for Your Perusal, Little Brother Gets a Confidence Vote

Our Digital Q 1, 2012, professionally espoused coming year forecast Newsletter has been posted to our Website on our Newsletter Page. We question forecasts from any professional, but work hard to give you our best thoughts and ideas.

Q1 2012 Newsletter

For now, our internal list of very important items concerning capital markets has seen EU worries drop in importance, as China economic growth, and US earnings climb the rungs of importance.

Little Brother countries are having confident government bond auctions resulting in lower interest rates (See: “What Happens When Investors Lose Confidence in Your System” in our Latest Newsletter), and that is relieving investor concerns, which has resulted in a more positive capital market.

Starting tomorrow, the 90 day treadmill really kicks into high gear. With our ears to the conference call line grindstones, we look forward to bringing you varous managers outlooks soon!

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