Energizer Bunny Capital Markets….”Going and Going”

For those familiar with the Energizer Bunny that keeps “Going and Going” we liken the capital markets of late to the famed commercial.

Yesterday capital markets were faced with further discontent from G-20 members who were meeting just south of the US border in Mexico city, only to have market participants shrug it off later in the day. Along with G-20 concerns, gas prices have risen to levels that provide a small headwind, nearing $110/barrel WTI.

Last night, our timely party poopers, the S&P Ratings Agency, put Greece on Selective Default notice. In true Energizer fashion the capital markets smartly appear to keep “Going and Going.”

By some estimates over $450 billion has left the capital equity markets in the last few years in search of a new home. If our feelings are correct, that money may be returning, happily providing our “Going and Going” markets. Markets never rise in a permanent straight line, but let’s all enjoy the ride!

Today, from the Eastern US area, Donald starts his second of three full days of training on our new rebalancing allocation system, Tamarac. So far our expectations have been met, which means further enhancements to investment portfolios. Thank you technology!

Have a Good Day!




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