Zigg Drops by with a Mcteer Question and a Few Grounding Thoughts

Zigg, making a pilgrimage from his very crowded small island, on his way to the store for supplies as many of his new fair weather friends are cramping his style and eating his food, stopped by last night to see the family and say hello. He had heard about the McTeer event and added a nice question of his own, which we will certainly ask Mr. McTeer.

For those not familiar with Zigg, he is our mythical friend who is a contrarian. He Ziggs when others Zagg, usually taking an uncomfortable position at any given time. His thoughts are always helpful in keeping things in perspective.

In addition to the McTeer question he shared the following thoughts:

  • This is an Election Year, see (Research Paper) for history
  • Tax cliff may come in the form of possible new taxes
  • Little Brother Country Issues i.e. EU
  • A years worth of market returns already

Zigg was not being negative as he never takes a harsh stance, however he did warn of becoming too optimistic and letting our guards down.

Thanks Zigg, we have missed you and glad you dropped in. It’s funny to see him move from the only positive person, to being a bit more conservative in his views, once again almost alone in voice.

Have a Great Day and a Super Weekend!




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