Happy President’s Day Weekend…The week that was…. Weird Inflection Points

Monday of next week represents the honored holiday for President’s day and as such banks, government entities, capital markets, and most schools will be closed…..as well as our office.Lincoln

The week that was:

State of Union, Baseball Pitchers arrive at training camp, and Ketchup (Buffet takes out Heinz) take the headlines as we wind down a low trading volume week (we think the chinese new year week led to much of the solitude.)

Inflection Points are Weird:

Just a few moments ago as Donald and I discussed (electronically) the conflicting economic reports from today, Empire Manufacturing (blow out good) & Industrial Production (bad), Donald summarized it well “Things get weird at Inflection Points.”  This is what makes it challenging but always fun, this could be a turn for the better OR worse, but only time will tell.

I am still out-of-town and on east coast time, which for this early bird makes for an extra LOOOONG time before things get going in the morning. On an interesting note, I am always amazed at the amount of noise  we intake on a normal day at the office, as it does not exist when traveling out of the office due to time constraints. There is a certain amount of clarity that comes with the muffled noise….

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend…thanks for reading our work this week, see you next week!


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