Time Change…our favorite time of the year…spring break…Tax Update

This Sunday morning (3-10-13) at 2 am, don’t forget to move those clocks forward, stealing an extra hour of sleep. While we hate giving away the time, we greatly enjoy the evening light..This time of the year is our favorite.

Next week brings spring break for many, including myself. Tomorrow morning marks an early am rise and a multi-hour drive to the mountains. Sleepy time for the gang in the car is great thought and strategy time for the coming Newsletter and end to the first quarter for me. While many of the articles are in place, extra thought time usually leads to diverging ideas to share.

Taxes this year so far have been reasonable based on our point of reference and we really have to compliment everyone for getting a head start on them…Well Done! Again, hold off on your filings. Generally we are seeing less difficulty in deciphering the new cost basis reporting 1099’s, making it easier for all involved.springbreak

As mentioned above, I will be out for the majority of the week, working in the morning from my favorite Starbucks electronically while the family sleeps and skiing in the afternoon…..not to worry the days of aggressive runs are in my past…our goals this year, Pierce the 5-year-old gaining control and skiing on his own.

Have a Great one hour shortened weekend talk to you next week!


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