Higher Rates Soon … Told Ya

Frequently a reporter is picked to “leak” information as needed to quietly deliver information to the public. Janet Yellen and the other FOMC members have anointed Jon Hilsenrath, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

When Jon writes, people listen!

Hilsenrath Report Fed on Track to Raise RatesJon Hilsenrath

As mentioned here and here, we believe Yellen and crew at the FOMC want to raise rates as soon as possible. Hilsenrath, the chosen “leaked” reporter confirmed the FOMC is on track to raise rates this year most likely mid-year.

A major shock of some type could alter this. Our belief, lower rates may actually be holding the economy back through too much artificial means.

Recall our Newsletter study finding fed fund average rates of 5.1% since data recorded.  First goal, get to 1% …. then what if we only get to half of our average, or 2% … Wow! This time it’s different, maybe, but doubtful.

What if raising the short-term rates actually spurred our economy, not inhibited it?

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