Stanley Druckenmiller – Part Two … Raise Rates Now!

Last week here we introduced Stanley Druckenmiller. Forced to clarify his thoughts from a private event that went public, he did so in a terrific Bloomberg interview … this is where it gets interesting.

Raise those RatesStsnley Druckenmiller

Druckenmiller beat the drum loudly in the interview for higher rates. We agree!

  • Unemployment is back down again ~ 5.5% from over 10%
  • Household total wealth is at an all time high, new highs met in 2013 (low rates cannot help anymore)
  • Financial Engineering is rampant-Low rates providing this opportunity (Mergers, leverage, buybacks … NOT Capital growth expenditures)
  • The longer we wait the greater the effects when rates finally are raised

These are Druckenmiller’s comments, well said!

Have a Great Day … more to come next week!

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