Stanley Druckenmiller – China Roars – Way out on a limb! Final of three Part Series

Two week ago here we introduced Stanley Druckenmiller. Last week we touched on his reasoning for raising rates, here.  In today’s final peace, Druckenmiller discusses China.

China Roars Stsnley Druckenmiller

If there is one thing most “Wall Streeters” agree upon, it is that China is in a major slowdown.

Druckenmiller says no way, and the effects:

  • Druckenmiller has never seen a capital market rise as much as the China markets have in the last few months/quarters, without economic prosperity coming within the next 6-9 months
  • “If correct, what do you think the price of oil will do?” Asks Druckenmiller
  • Other hard commodities, Gold, steel…. ??

These are Druckenmiller’s comments, about as variant of beliefs as can be!

Time will tell … Digital Diary to be called upon down the road!

Have a Great Day !

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What are your thoughts ??

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