Not sure what Janet was thinking … Friday

Members of the Federal Reserve are constantly under the microscope. Everything members say is taken seriously.

What was Janet Yellen thinking?

In the middle of this week, Janet Yellen the President of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) stated here in an interview that the US Equity markets were overvalued as were High Yields bonds.Janet Yellen

While we agree on both parts, we are very surprised at Yellen’s public comments.

  • Preparing Markets for Higher Rates?
  • Talking Markets and bonds down?
  • Slip of the tongue? (doubtful)

Not sure on any of these, but in time hopefully this will be clarified!

Ahhhh… but it is a Friday sprint to the end of the school year … three more Fridays and they are done (not that anyone is counting ..haha!)

Have a great weekend and grab your paddle in many parts of the country!

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