First published article is live … Paddling Duck Markets … Friday — Remote Working

The first nationally published article is now up on Here is the link. The subject of this article came directly from you, the most awesome clients and friends in the country. Thanks for providing the subject to help others in a comprehensive manner.

Paddling duck Markets

Just like a duck on a pond, his head is still, but underneath there is usually a lot of action with the feet. The Dow Jones or S&P 500 Indexes are moving, but not near as much as the feet underneath. Duck Paddling

Summer doldrums, narrowing market, and long-in-the-tooth economic cycle are much of the contributors. Diversification is once again our friend …. opportunities are beginning to present themselves — Feet underneath are busy.

Ahhh… but this is a Friday, and this one begins our annual trip to a cooler climate. Clearing the head, daily multi-hour tennis workouts for the kids, visit with family members, share time with several friends and business acquaintances, and solve the financial worlds problems, are our goals this year– as the summer doldrums turn to the end of summer …. of course always tethered by electronics.

Have a Great Friday .. Talk to you next week !

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