Boring but beautiful … Olympics … Hot Hot Hot … Tennis weekend…

There is an old Wall Street saying… goes something like this…

“Never short (bet against) a sleepy, boring Market!”

The most recent week was record breaking in lowest volume, boring and non-interest… all the while, domestically and across the globe…. markets grinned in beauty as they climbed higher… NICE!

Things getting better? Markets sure think so!


Are you guys as interested as we are? What can you say… Phelps is incredible … more gold’s than he can carry… Looking forward to more events !!


Hot Hot Hot…. Those of you reminding me that as winter ended we stated we would not gripe about the soon coming warmth….So we are not complaining.. just saying, as we wipe our brow…

Speaking of hot…. a slightly western state tennis tournament for my 11 year old this weekend looks to be interesting….

Ahhh…but today is a Friday… Enjoy the last few summer Fridays as they are coming to an end soon ! All Good !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
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Financial Planning Total Wealth
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