Fire Stoked with Debate Post – Census Report Showing Wage Improvement

Thanks a ton for the great questions, comments and emphatic statements to our Wednesday “Coming Political Debate” post … We know a lightening rod when we post .. well… ah…  when we hear such a great response from you, and we thank you !

Census Bureau Report Shows Improving Wagescensus-logo

We love the US Government Agency Reports, and especially ones that may shed light on the economy and the US labor force. This week the Census Bureau released an Annual Review of 2015 which may explain some of the better acting capital markets. We plan on discussing more next week along with a few other nuggets that may be helpful.

Here is a taste from the report ….

….Real median household income increased by 5.2 percent between 2014 and 2015…!

5.2 % NICE !!!!

That is next week, and this is a Friday…enjoy your day and your weekend !

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