Start of the Week Good Economic Data

Let’s start this week out with a review of  some good economic numbers to fluff us all up as we start this wonderful week !

Latest Economic Numbers

Unemployment Claims down

Jobs, jobs jobs… With jobs, a happier consumer may help push the Economy forward.


Nice trend….let’s say it is down… which is great as these are Unemployment claims.

Expected End of the Year Sales

The National Retail Federation publishes an annual forecast each year for the big enchilada end of the year sales. Recall, Black Friday was coined because many institutions, in the old days, turned their first profit “Black”  the day after Thanksgiving aka Black Friday.

In their most recent annual end of the year forecast the NRF expects nice growth…


ANOTHER nice trend… looks good, on the high end of recent year over year growth!

Bank Lending Picks Up – Not Kidding

This super chart from Scott Grannis shows banks are beginning to lend as the far right end of the chart shows Excess Bank Reserves peeling off into our economy !


All in all, some really good news for a cheerie good Monday and start of your week !

Have a Great Day!

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