Pay them More and they will be Happy – Friday

This post was booted due to the Surprise Presidential Election results… but it is important enough we wanted to mention it anyway…

Fridays are usually reserved for a light glide into your weekend… Hey… next week is Thanksgiving… we can suck up a heavy Friday Post before Thanksgiving… right? Right! 😀

Enjoy your weekend… Here is the one week delayed post !

Build it and they will come?

Ok… so Kevin Costner said it better…

Build it and they will come…

In a close parallel…

Average Wage Growth Way Up

We have been watching the happier consumer for some time…


The latest wage growth report shows a year over year growth at almost 3%….

Recall our prior posts of National Retail Federation expecting record Holiday Sales?

Consumer spending makes up over 2/3rds of Gross Domestic Production (GDP – measure of economic growth)

Happy Consumer with greenbacks in his/her pocket …..

Happy/Spending Consumer may mean a better economy….just saying!

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