It only took 32 Minutes for “The Brain” to make a splash at the conference …. Meeting David Cameron ….

The lights were dimmed for the audience….

3000+ people to start the multiple day 14 hour a day conference….

Boom!   The lights are up, the attendees are revved up …. out walks the first speaker …



Exactly 32 minutes later… up pops an interview – on full screen in front of all 3000 -with none other than …

Donald “The Brain”…..


Gotta be kidding?

Nope… a replay from the meeting mentioned in this post earlier before the event…

First time an event has been crashed from across the county… Well Done Donald!

Meeting David Cameron

Later on in the  morning, David Cameron the former Prime Minister/President of Britian spoke …. Possibly the best talk ever … tons of notes to share. Even an in person meeting and quick chat…..

Today is a Friday, not surprisingly, time is short ….not to worry… LOT’S to talk about shortly…. Enjoy your weeekend !

Hope you enjoyed the update from a revved up body in the West !

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