Part 11 : Tom Clark, Social Security Expert, with Audio – GRANDFATHERED BENEFITS – Decisions for Restricted Application Spousal Benefits Explained

This is the final review of Social Security Benefits and actually a very unique one as this portion speaks to a VERY small group of people who are luckily grandfathered in under old laws and due to that fact have one additional option/decision/possible technique.

In Part 11, from our  Social Security Event earlier this year, Expert, Mr. Tom Clark, concludes the specifics of Social Security, Retirement Benefits for one age based spousal Decision …. that Social Security Provides. As a refresher,  Part 1 Here , Part 2 Here , Part 3 Here, Part 4 HerePart 5 Here, Part 6 here, Part 7 here, Part 8 here , Part 9 here, Part 10 here, and Direct Audio Here on our site for your viewing/listening pleasures:

Restricted Application Technique Benefit Option for Married Couples Meeting Grandfathered Age Criteria

While for a small and quickly shrinking group of folks due to the law change, the Grandfathering of a loophole technique/option makes this worth review :

  • Most applicable when two wage earners
  • Age 62 or older by end of 2015
  • Must not have filed Social Security yet
  • Restricted application for spouses only
  • This age group has the option to file on their spouse – as a reminder all others must always file on their own benefit first
  • Must be full retirement age before able to use technique
  • One member of couple is drawing social security already
  • Can file on spouses benefit and delay his/her own benefit to let benefit grow
  • Nice money based example near end of audio


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