2020 Q3 Estimated Quarterly Tax Reminder … Newsletter Pre-View …. Friday

Reminder … especially pertinent given all the changes in due dates !

ES Q 3 Quarterly Tax Estimated Payments Due

Next Tuesday, September 15, 2020 is the Due Date of Quarterly ES Payments … here is a direct link to the IRS pamphlet where you can find the coupon, instructions and of course where to mail the payment!

Newsletter Preview

With fingers crossed that current events don’t destroy the third Newsletter in a row, we are trepidly wading into a review of the events so far this year, our thoughts … and some really neat charts that we think you will like…

Here is a sample of a couple of our favorites so far:

This second chart is amazing to us …just how much horsepower is being thrown at the Global Markets!


Ahhhh… today is a Friday, heading into a big pro sports filled weekend ….

Enjoy, be safe and have a Great Friday and Weekend!

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