More Good News on the Vaccine Front, Second Possible Vaccine from Moderna … Recalling Peter Diamandis Thoughts

Early on during the onset of the virus, Peter Diamandis which we wrote about here, and here, confidently said not only would there be a vaccine but there would be multiple vaccines.

One thing Diamandis missed on his estimate would be a 50% to 75% cure rate but a cocktail of vaccines combination in order to get the cure rate much higher.

Early last week Pfizer‘s announcement of an approximate 90% cure rate was one upped early this week by Moderna.

Moderna claims almost 94% cure rate

In this press release by fellow drug research and manufacturing firm Moderna their initial trials claim a possible near 94% cure rate.

Of course these are early Stage III trials but on top of the earlier Pfizer news from last week this is very exciting.

One additional positive on the Moderna over the Pfizer is their initial thoughts are the vaccine does not have to be kept at the extreme low temperature as the Pfizer trials.

In a glass is half full fashion if Diamandis correct we should expect even more vaccines to have positive curate and to be available in the market sooner rather than later.

The Future Is Really Brighter than We Think!

Have a “Vaccine is On the Way’ Day!

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