Holiday Venue Preview Video VERY NICE Redo, RMD Season, 401k Max Season, Birthday Boy, Friday …

Just by accident, over the weekend the family happened to end up at our Holiday Venue, Dallas Athletic Club (Recall November 20th from 3-5pm) and there was a soft opening of our venue to work the bugs out….

The official opening was Tuesday of this week as an email went out to the entire membership…

Hoping the weather will be nice AND if so, anyone that desires an indoor/outdoor venue, we have you covered… check out the video!


Hope You Can Make it!

RMD – Required Minimum Distributions Commence

For the great majority that may begrudgingly take those RMD’s, tis the season, we will begin in the coming weeks!

We want to make sure we stay well ahead of any year end disruptions…

401K Maximization Season

In maybe a tit for tat from the afore mentioned RMD, now is a good time to review our retirement contributions for maximizations…

Let us know if you need help, we have systems set up for easy calculations…

Birthday Boy Weekend

Those followers know I frequently end my post with “Spend time with those important in your life, it goes fast!”

Tomorrow he turns 14 – Recall Crazy Over Halloween Family

Ahhhh…but today is a Friday… You know the drill from above…. Talk Next Week!

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