No Tax Law Changes for 2021, Same as 2020 … Last Minute Shoppers Watch Out, New Cyber Email

Of coarse …. the keyboard is calling even while out of the office with the 14 year old….

Felt this very important, and the WiFi is pretty good at this location!

Will keep it short, just two important items to tell you!

Washington Goes Home – No Tax Law Changes for 2021 – All Bets Off for 2022

Late last week it was agreed that the House and Senate would adjourn for the year, pushing any tax law changes that you may have heard (there were A LOT… remember often noise) as a 2022 issue!

With some new research ears on the ground in Washington, we hear there may be relief for the SALT tax cap … but never a guarantee on rumors…

On a personal self serving note, WHEW …. the Newsletter can finally not be smacked at the last minute and need to be completely redone … let our New York based printing presses begin … it is done! Yay

Last Minute Cyber Shoppers LOOK OUT – Clever Spam Email

In the span of two days the family received very clever spam emails from the following, each with an enticing link to click…. DO NOT BITE:

  • Home Depot Confirmation – But we did not make an on-line purchase and thankfully did not click on the hot link to the fake “Receipt”
  • Ace Hardware – This one was easier as we have not made any purchases at this establishment, BUT the format of the email was the same as the above HD
  • Best Buy – We have made Holiday purchases at BB (14 year old) but thankfully the email contained only “Best” and no Buy in the header, but the spam email address looked to come from BB

Have a Great “No Tax Changes and Don’t Click Bite” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

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Financial Planning Total Wealth

Management firm.



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