Department of Transportation (DOT) Travel Volume Updates … Urban still Lag … Rural Rocking and Rolling

Over the weekend, the latest Department of Transportation (DOT) road travel update hit the in-box….ya ya, a bit nerd like to look forward to an update from the DOT, digressing…

While we have analyzed this before, here back in May of this year and we really like the fact that the graphs are the exact same but just updated, so it is an easy comparison…..

A new observation – Look at the graph just after the Great Financial Crisis of 07-09 – Peaking in 2009 and taking 5, yep Five full years before regaining a new high… WOW!

This speaks to the brevity of this most recent recession…. Coming up shortly a review of the Q1 2022 Newsletter will speak directly to the more normal lengths of slowdowns…. i.e. 2020 was a real short one, and 07-09 was a longer, bigger one!

DOT Total All Roads

Urban (City) Highways

The lack of recapture is completely due to Urban highway traffic (A few times lately in my personal city driving, find this hard to believe, but small sample size).

Continued work from home/remote, speaks to this shortfall!

Rural Highway

Notice the fall was shorter, recoup much faster and currently as of this year, a complete recovery….

This makes sense as rural transportation is extremely important, and as such, much less discretionary!

Have a Great “DOT Transportation Update” Day!

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