Debt Ceiling History/Thoughts … Pools Ready to Open in our Neighborhoods … Memorial Day on the Horizon …

Would you believe or be surprised to know the US had raised the debt ceiling aka Increased their Credit line some 90 times since the 20th Century? Probably not….

Most including ourselves believe this will get resolved… but there may be drama…. seems more the norm …

By Wikideas1 – Own work, CC0,

We know the history very well and will not bore you with the things that have happened in the last three or so decades…. just know headlines may be …. ahhhh… dramatic next week!

Speaking of dramatic …. but on a more fun note… Who let the pools out ? Next week!

Memorial Day Weekend Beckons

Next weekend marks the opening of pools, the very wonderful remembrance of those that allow us to safely ponder things like debt ceilings and a long weekend to boot…

Ahhh…that is all next week …. today is a Fun Friday, near the end of the school year for our clan… Enjoy and talk next week!

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