US Government Shutdown Likely this Time, Length is the Unknown…. Friday from North East Trip …

Debt Ceiling/Government Shutdown …. Yaaa, yaaa… it may seem like we have been here before….

That is because we actually have, as mentioned here on May 26, 2023 – just a few months ago… We were in a Debt Ceiling Government showdown that was … as expected, kicked down the road….

Unlike May, earlier this year, next week …October 1, 2023 looks to be a bit farther apart and will likely end in a Government shutdown….

No idea the length of the possible shutdown … but found this descriptive post about what may happen…

Not to worry, we have been here before … Social Security, Medicare and other similar benefits WILL NOT STOP!

As you receive this, hopefully on a flight back home from a FANTASTIC fun trip to the North East to start the travel season….

While the US Government may be shutdown next week… We will not, nor will the Capital Markets – Talk Next Week and enjoy your Friday and Weekend!

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