Economic Report Note … Friday….. Maybe a long Weekend? Maybe not… Expect No banks for Moving of Money and No Postal Services ….

One quick note on an Economic number released this AM by the Bureau of Labor StatisticsNon Farm Payroll…. The actual number is much larger then expected A 336k, E 170k ..

While good for workers, this is not what the Federal Reserve is wanting i.e. Slower Economy… Sorry for the heavy, but large enough surprise to mention!

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled Friday ease into our weekend reading…

This coming Monday, October 9th, 2023 … locally is a big day coinciding with a possible Bank Holiday for some across the country and with the post office’s being closed too.

Meet the Texas State Fair

The most important day for all Students in the area and surrounding suburbs … A Holiday! In order to go to the Fair… Heck our gangs even have Tuesday off too! Wow

A big state border rivalry Football Game – Texas V Oklahoma

Fried food of almost any type including things from Jello, to ice cream to Fudge… not easy on the belt line

A huge mascot that even talks “Howdy Folks!”

Today is a Friday, heading into a possible long weekend, depending on the perch…. but remember, on Monday, Money may, or may not move Error on the latter!

Talk Next Week!

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